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This traveller t-shirt with 40 icons will solve the communication problems during your trip

Innovative communication T-shirt allows travellers to break down language barriers


one tech traveller iconspeak review
ICONSPEAK City Shirt: ICONIC play on travel - REVIEW


Icon Speak – A T-shirt with 40 universal icons to communicate while you travel

Speak through your shirt and overcome any language barrier

This Simple T-Shirt May Solve Some Basic Travel Woes

เสื้อสุดเจ๋งที่นักเดินทางควรมี IconSpeak อยากบอกอะไรสื่อได้เพียงปลายนิ้ว

Don't speak a foreign language? Just point at what you need! The T-shirt that allows travellers to communicate using 39 easily understood symbols

Te koszulki pozwalają porozumieć się w każdym miejscu na świecie. Nawet jeśli nie znasz języka

Icon Speak T-shirt will make travelling SO much easier

This Amazing T-Shirt Lets You Communicate In Any Language

Wenn Du siehst, was dieses T-Shirt kann, kaufst Du dir sofort eins

Ce t-shirt avec 40 icônes vous permet de communiquer partout dans le monde

The clever T-shirt that lets travellers speak in any language

IconSpeak, 40 icônes universelles sur un t-shirt pour communiquer dans le monde entier

This Translation T-Shirt Is Every Traveler’s Dream Come True


Un T-shirt avec 40 icônes universelles pour se faire comprendre partout dans le monde

This Genius T-Shirt Lets You Communicate With Anyone In The World

Genius Traveller T-Shirt Lets You Communicate In Every Country Without Speaking The Language

Швейцарцы придумали футболку для преодоления языкового барьера

These Clever T-shirts Are Designed With Icons To Make It Easier To Communicate In A Foreign Language

Avec ce tee-shirt révolutionnaire, vous pourrez maîtriser toutes les langues du monde et voyager partout

Met dit leuke T-shirt spreek je in elk land de taal die je wilt

With This T-Shirt, Nothing Will Ever Be Lost in Translation Again

Traveller T-Shirt With 40 Icons Lets You Communicate In Any Country Even If You Don't Speak Its Language

Traveler’s T-Shirt With 40 Icons Will Let You Communicate Easily Wherever You Travel

This Clever T-Shirt Will Help You Communicate in Any Language

This Shirt is About to Replace All of Your Travel Translation Apps

Die Ägypter hatten Hieroglyphen – wir haben DAS Shirt

Schweizer T-Shirt-Erfolg: In 40 Icons um die Welt

Clever Line Of Clothes Features Symbols To Help You Communicate In Any Language

Un t-shirt pour communiquer partout dans le monde

One T-shirt Company Is Breaking the Language Barrier

Chiếc áo thần kỳ giúp bạn đi khắp thế gian mà chẳng cần phiên dịch

A communication shift: Icons on t-shirts

アイコンを指差すだけ! 世界中どこでも言葉が通じるTシャツ「iconspeak」登場

IconSpeak – Das Reise-Shirt mit genialer Übersetzer-Funktion

Knowing a foreign language can travel icon t-shirt

This Genius T-Shirt Is The Solution To Any Language-Based Issue You've Faced On Your Travels

Get Around Language Barriers With The ICONSPEAK Travel Shirt

This Ingenious T-Shirt Is the Ultimate Travel Accessory

Icon Speak: The T-shirt to communicate worldwide

Schweizer Shirt hilft weiter, wenn Worte fehlen

 Icon Speak T-Shirt Lets You Communicate In Other Countries Without Knowing The Language

IconSpeak, le T-Shirt qui vous permettra de communiquer dans le monde entier

Ingenious Shirt Uses Recognizable Icons to Help Break Language Barriers When Traveling

영어뉴스]티셔츠로 말해요 ICon Speak! 아이콘스픽

Mit 40 Icons um die Welt

Ce t-shirt ingénieux vous permet de communiquer avec n’importe qui dans le monde

Ein Shirt für Reisende mit 40 Symbolen, die der Verständigung dienen

Esta Camisa Para Viajantes Possui 40 Ícones Que Vão Te Permitir Comunicar Em Qualquer País

This T-Shirt Lets Travellers Communicate In Any Country Even If You Don’t Know The Language

Solve Your Holiday Language Problems With This Simple T-Shirt

This Is The T-Shirt You Need If You’re Ever Lost In A Foreign Country