ICONSPEAK teams up with TalkTalkBnB!

TalkTalkBnB is in many ways similar to ICONSPEAK – hence it feels very natural to team up with Hubert Laurent and his crew. TalkTalkBnB is essentially about traveling and languages – which is at the same time a very short summary of the ICONSPEAK history; struggling with languages while travelling. But while our World Edition icon set aims at overcoming most essential language barriers and sparking communication, TalkTalkBnB tries to promote language learning in the holistic sense. And not just that, TalkTalkBnB also feels that languages should be learned from a native speaker – where they certainly do have a point.


The concept of TalkTalkBnB is simple – it’s somewhat like the familiar concepts of Couchsurfing or AirBnB – but with the clear purpose of language learning. Hence when you register yourself or your journey on their website, you can get free stays all over the world from people who are interested in learning your language! If you do not speak any word of the sought-after language at all, it might also be wise to bring your ICONSPEAK World Edition shirt along.


We have developed a co-branded shirt with TalkTalkBnB that will serve as shirt no. 1 for their brand ambassadors and that will be available as of now in our web-shop, for all the fans and enthusiasts of TalkTalkBnB. Similar like with other collaborations it always feels good to set something up with like-minded organizations and people – we are pretty sure there is more to come..!

Meanwhile go to TalkTalkBnB.com and create your profile, for the love of languages (there are about 6.500 languages to be learned) and language barriers (there is one shirt to overcome them all ;) )

 ..or read on in our Blog, e.g. about the potential future world domination of icons!


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